Holiday airfare up 17%

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HOUSTON, Tx. — The airlines are at it again.

Despite a decrease in the cost of jet fuel, Southwest, United, Delta U.S. Air and JetBlue are all raising ticket prices. “It’s ridiculous” says traveler Brenda Hort.

The only upside is, the increase isn’t extreme- $2 one way and $4 round trip but travelers we spoke with still weren’t pleased. “I don’t like spending more money” remarks Freddy Williams. Heidi Henneman agrees, “It’s never going down, it’s always going up. I don’t think there’s an end in sight for this.” “It’s just a fact of life, everything goes up eventually” says another traveler named Joel.

It’s also going to cost more to travel for the holidays this year. says prices to fly Thanksgiving weekend are up 17% and Christmas 2%.

“I understand prices go up in everything but we’re always feeling it in airfare” says frequent flyer Heidi Henneman.

Another passenger pointed out, “They always seem to be in crisis and yet they’re making billions.”

That said, everyone we spoke with admits it won’t keep them from traveling and agrees, “At the end of the day we have to fly, we have to travel and it’s kind of part of the package now, unfortunately.”

Since this is the fifth fare hike this year, you might say the score is: Airlines 5, Consumers 0.

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