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CHANNELVIEW, Texas — Homecoming queen Ebony Smith from North Shore Senior High School discovered a major Photoshop fail with her picture posted on the Gelena Park ISD website.

In real life, Ebony’s hair is dyed purple— a color that is in violation of the district’s dress code. When the homecoming court picture was posted, Ebony was surprised to see her hair had been digitally altered to brown!

The thing is, students voted for Ebony even with her purple hair. Her purple locks are even present on her school banners! So naturally, when the homecoming queen and her mom saw the Photoshop fail it raised more than a few hairs!

Ebony’s mom contacted the district and called them out on their decision, but instead of posting the original picture of the student with purple hair— they just posted a black and white version!

“My senior year has most definitely been affected by all of this just because of how I wear my hair,” Ebony told NewsfFix. air.”

Administrators said they regret the mistake and issued a statement saying, “the error was immediately corrected, and our district sincerely apologizes to the student affected and her parents.”

Meanwhile, the district told NewsFix that “North Shore Senior High School is not responsible for the photo,” even though the image was credited to a Gelena ISD employee.

Nevertheless, the situation is one hair-raising homecoming Photoshop fail that won’t soon be forgotten!