Homeless guy with a scandalous sleepover scheme

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NEW YORK, NY - Ladies, here's a story that might make you think twice about "bringing a guy home".

Meet Joe, he's a 26-year-old dude from Manhattan.

But he's no "Average Joe"... he's more of a "Homeless Joe."

He spends his days begging in the Big Apple, averaging about $150 a day.

But at night, his life turns into a twisted Cinderella story.

Unlike the glass-slipper-princess whose life turns back to normal at midnight, "Homeless Joe's" is quite the opposite.

When night falls, he turns into a real life prince charming.

"Homeless Joe" uses his sweet talking skills to land himself a place to sleep off the streets!

Crazy as it sounds, Joe claims his irrisistable charm is how he's able to sleep in a warm bed with different women three to four nights a week!

Apparently, "Homeless Joe" uses the bucks he gets from begging to buy hair gel and cologne, and then he takes to the streets of 8-million to pick out his next snuggle buddy.

We'll hand it to homeless Joe for pulling off one hell of a scandalous sleepover scheme.


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