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BRADFORD, PA – Say it ain’t so! It looks like we might have to add “internet addiction” to the long list of already existing addictions.

“It has tolerance, withdrawal and dependency,” explains Houston psychotherapist Dr. Michael Klaybor.

Bummer: as soon as we start to like something just a little too much — bam! Addiction. The Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania has opened the first program to treat patients dot com. Withdrawal from internet may not be as dramatic as it is from heroine or crack, but the bottom line is that the 10-day voluntary treatment can hurt your wallet by as much $14,000. Call it a great online business if you will.

“Men tend to seek cyber-sex and cyber-porn addiction,’ said Klaybor. ‘Women tend to seek relationships, intimacy through Facebook and things of that nature. Teenagers get into gaming.”

There you go: there’s an app for everyone.

“What parents can do is monitor their children’s use of the internet and make sure there are boundaries on that,” suggested Klaybor.

And what about the rest of us, doc?

“If it impacts your work, your social life, your marriage, your family life… there’s a problem and you should address it.”

Even though the American Psychiatric Association hasn’t categorized this problem as a disease yet, everyone suspects it’s next in line.  We only have one real life, folks, and no matter how much time we spend online, we can’t download another one.