‘Hot Felon’ is out of prison and looking at sifting through modeling offers

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STOCKTON, CA – Lots of the ladies will be happy to know the hot hunk known as the Hot Felon is a free man today, on the streets, looking for adventure in whatever comes his way.

Jeremy Meeks just finished serving a two-year stint in a California federal pen for a weapons conviction. his wife and three kids were there when he walked out. Sorry ladies, or guys. Hey, it’s all good.

The case against the 32-year-old Meeks included 11 charges related to weapons and gangs. He admits to being a member of the Crips.

And, for you ladies who like your bad boys bad, before this conviction, he spent nine years in prison for grand theft. Stockton, California, police described him as one of the most violent criminals in the area.

Meeks got a manager while in the pokey, and he’s already looking at a bunch of modeling offers.

Maybe Meeks could be the new “Most Interesting Man”.

He doesn’t always do time, but when he does, it’s dos anos.



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