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HOUSTON – Desperately in need of gall-bladder surgery, Katrina Randall,  was rushed to the hospital on Friday. Her family hopes her latest trip leads to a life-saving procedure but there’s a catch – her family says doctors wont operate because of her size. She weighs 740 pounds.

“Most doctors say if she can’t walk in, we can’t see her,” said her father Kenneth Randall.

“We transferred her to the hospital hoping someone would actually take the next step in doing the gallbladder surgery.”

Randall says when Katrina drinks or eats anything it comes back up.  He believes this surgery is the only way to help her but  Dr. Younan Nowzaradan of the TLC show, My 600 Pound Life, says a  patient like this is very risky to take care of.

“When putting a patient to sleep that is 700 pounds we have to breathe for them and sometimes they have heavy chests and its very difficult to breath for them,” said Nowzaradan.

Despite the risk – her family believes this is the only way to save her life.

“In a city like Houston, as big of a medical field as this is, there’s no way she shouldn’t be able to get some kind of surgery done,” said Randall.