Houston active shooter expert analyzes Ft. Lauderdale airport incident, gives life-saving tips

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — During Friday’s terrifying airport shooting in Ft. Lauderdale, we saw panic, hysteria, and chaos.

So, how well did authorities handle the active shooting event in the heat of the moment?

Local active shooter expert Rick Coker from Top Gun Security gives us a pro’s point of view.

“As these people were getting their luggage and such, if you hear a gunshot over your right shoulder– that’s not the direction you turn and run,” Coker suggested. “You turn to the left, and you move away.”

“That’s just human nature. Get away from the threat,” he added.

“In active shooter scenarios, if i’m trying to run away from the threat- and you’re frozen, and I stop to say, ‘Come on, you need to go with me. You need to run with me’– and you don’t– next thing you know is, now there’s two casualties instead of one.”

Coker said the key to group survival is everyone getting as far away from an active shooter as possible— as quickly as possible.

But avoiding panic is critical since some injuries like “falls” can happen while trying to get away from the danger.

Still, if you don’t get away from the shooter, Coker said things are not likely to end well.

“According to FBI statistics, of all the active shooter scenarios, 40 percent end in suicide,” he said.

“Number one goal is to kill people, That’s what they’re there to do,” he warned.

Coker said Florida authorities handled this scenario by the book since it was critical to get the public to safe staging areas while they searched every inch of the airport for possible other shooters.

“This entire terminal is gonna have to be searched, from top to bottom,” he pointed out, watching the authorities on the ground in Florida.

And it was!

Thanks to fast-acting authorities, no one else got hurt!

“So, it’s an incredible process,” Coker added. “These people are gonna be there for hours!”

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