Houston activist Deloyd Parker gives perspective on Ferguson

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HOUSTON, Texas -- In Ferguson, the dismay and anger is obvious. In Houston, activists get it. They understand the need to be heard.

Deloyd Parker, Executive Director of the S.H.A.P.E. Center in Third Ward, gives his perspective on the racial turmoil.

"People are emotional and they're angry, and they're mad and when that exists, it's very difficult to counter that, or to cut that off. We have to do a serious, make a significant change in the system. Times have changed because a black president? The system hasn't changed any, the system is the same wicked system. The system needs to be uprooted, where accountability takes it's place, because right now, nobody is held accountable. When a person is looting a store, that doesn't speak for me, that's not why we're out there. When a person is setting my uncle's business on fire, that doesn't speak for me. But when a person is out there on the street, protesting, speaking out, doing it legally, doing it in an organized way, that speaks for me. Utopia for me, is do me right. Treat me fair, be just and that's what we're working towards. That's all we want."

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