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HOUSTON, Texas – A Houston-area woman, Rebekah DiMartino, was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing a year and a half ago. She made the difficult decision this week to amputate her left leg below the knee.

DiMartino shares, “I’m blessed to still have my son with me, my body shielded him. I took everything in the back of the legs.”

Even though this 27 year-old has had to endure an incredibly difficult ordeal, her mother, Tina Gregory, says she`s done it with an unbelievably positive attitude.

“From day one, I’ve not heard a complaint, a whine, a ‘why me?’” Ms. Gregory explains.

DiMartino even inspired those on social media when posts online about her “break-up” letter to her leg, and her “last supper” for her leg, went viral.

So how has she managed such positivity?

She says, “It`s a decision you have to make every single day, to count your blessings instead of your problems… I spend my life thinking that I’m a survivor.”

It will be a few months until she`s fitted for a prosthetic, but don`t expect it to hold her back.

“I`m hoping I’m going to be running the Boston Marathon this year…you`re going to see me climbing mountains, you`re going to see me doing all the crazy things you can do with your legs, cause my bucket list is a mile long at this point.”