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HUMBLE, Texas- A Houston attorney wants a federal investigation into the destroyed evidence case at the Harris County Precinct 4 Office.

“It was some very serious policy violations,” Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman said during a Tuesday press conference. “And we ended up terminating our employee.”

Herman admitted that his office fired Corporal Christopher Hess from the evidence property room, after discovering that Hess apparently destroyed 7,761 pieces of evidence.

From all that dumped evidence, 861 items were traced to 470 open cases!

And Herman says the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office has destroyed over 21,000 pieces of evidence since 2007!

Herman says a criminal investigation is open into what happened, but Hess has not been charged with any wrongdoing in the massive evidence dump.

So, could Hess have some secret reason for destroying all that evidence….like being bribed or blackmailed?

We’ll have to see what the criminal investigation turns up, if anything.

“We’ve introduced new training and education to our current employees,” Herman said. “And we’ve also put mechanisms in place to ensure that this type of gross policy violation will not ever occur again.”

Meanwhile, Herman says he’s not afraid of further investigation.

“I’m gonna tell ya, I’ll welcome anyone that wants to come in and investigate my department,” he insisted. “Cause they’ll look at everything that we’ve got, and they’ll look at it– and in two hours– they’ll say, ‘nothing here.'”