Houston author shares fresh foods to keep everyone cool this summer

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HOUSTON — Now that we're smack in the middle of summer and it's crazy hot outside, you've probably had fewer cravings for stews and casseroles, right?

Houston author and blogger Marci Izard said we naturally crave lighter foods when it’s hot out, and certain foods in particular can help us stay cool!

"Obviously raw or lightly cooked foods are the most cooling in our bodies, but if you’re going to cook, steaming initiates the least internal heat."

Izard's book Nourishing Your Whole Self: A Cookbook With Feelings categorizes recipes by how they make you feel. Her Feel Refreshed chapter has many cooling summertime recipes like Mashed Cauliflower (made with steamed cauliflower) and Watermelon Cucumber and Feta Salad.

Izard says paying attention to how foods make us feel can lead us to make more healthy, and seasonally-appropriate (or in this case — cooling) food choices.

“I always say, when you know how food makes you feel—you eat better. That's really worked for me.”

For a limited time, her book comes with three guided meditations (to help you with that whole feeling thing). Go here for more.

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