Houston company develops COVID-19 test for wastewater


HOUSTON (CW39)– About 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, however only a small portion of it is freshwater. Of all of the freshwater in the world, 92% of it is used for industrial purposes, leaving a limited supply for humans.

Water Lens is a real time water testing company based in Houston that was founded on the idea that if companies were able to test their water, treat it and reuse it, it would keep them from using the limited freshwater we have. This can be especially helpful for industries like oil and gas and farming.

Water Lens Founder and CEO Keith Cole explains more in the video below about how the company got started and how their field tests work.

Additionally, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Water Lens developed a COVID-19 test for people and also used their testing technology to determine COVID-19 hot spots through testing wastewater. Cole explains how wastewater testing for COVID-19 works in the video below.

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As more people continue to move to Texas, Cole says we do not have enough water to keep up with the expected population growth, however, in the video below he explains the overall water outlook and what is being done to prevent us from running out.


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