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HOUSTON, TX – Commuting by bicycle might be good exercise and good for the environment, but in terms of safety? It’s not the best, at least in the city of Houston.

Almost a year has gone by since the city council passed an ordinance requiring drivers to stay three feet away from cyclists but a lot of drivers seem to have missed the memo.

Well, this Houston cyclist isn’t going to take it anymore.

Dan Morgan installed a three-foot-long pole to his bike, along with the camera, to catch motorists getting a little too close for comfort.

“When you look at how far that is out there, that’s a pretty significant amount that a car’s gotta give you clearance on,” he says.

Now he’s taking his complaints to city council.

“My flag has been hit a total of 10 times on camera,” he told council members Tuesday. “I’ve license plates, I’ve people’s faces, I’ve sent them to HPD and nothing’s been done yet.”

Morgan’s methods might be a little unorthodox, but with multiple cyclists killed by drivers in the past couple of months alone it’s no surprise he wants to take action.

“The intent of the video was to train people what three feet looks like and how cars actually have to make a lane change to go around a cyclist safely,” he explains.

Come on, Houston drivers, put down your phones, quit chatting with your friends, and keep your eyes on the road. Lives may depend on it.