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HOUSTON, TX – It’s like they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. For one family, a day of fun at a trampoline park in Houston turned into a nightmare.

“It was the day after school was out. It was a very hot day and so Max and his friends were looking for something, exercise, something fun to do,” said Traci Menchaca.

So Traci’s 16-year-old son Max Menchaca and his friends went to the Cosmic Jump on Jones Road. But Traci didn’t expect for her son to go from looking like a normal teenager, to laying in a hospital bed. Max fell through a hole in the trampoline and suffered major brain damage, skull fractures and seizures. Now he’s undergoing treatment, learning how to re-do things like writing or even standing.

“I never imagined that he could get hurt at a place like this that would land him in the ER,” Traci said.

The family is blaming the park, saying Cosmic Jump didn’t do anything to fix the dangerous condition. That’s why they filed a lawsuit.

“The lawsuit alleges that Cosmic Jump was negligent in allowing a dangerous condition to occur on their premises that was the direct cause of Max’s injuries,” said Charlie Gustin, the family’s attorney.

Cosmic Jump hasn’t commented on the lawsuit.

But the Menchacas aren’t just looking for money. They hope the lawsuit brings attention to the dangers of trampoline parks, and how to make them safer so that no other family will have to go through what Max is now facing.