Houston FBI leads global search for victims of serial child molester

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HOUSTON, TX – How a convicted sex offender manages to land teaching jobs in at least ten different schools in nine different countries over a series of more than four decades — is beyond.

Guess that’s why the FBI is investigating William James Vahey, even though he killed himself two days after a warrant was issued back in March.

“We want to ensure that no one else was involved… we want to understand more about how this was able to happen and how perhaps why it went uncovered for so long,” says Shauna Dunlap with Houston’s division of the FBI.

Dunlap says Vahey taught in private American schools overseas going back to 1972. Meanwhile, he pleaded guilty to child molestation and was sentenced to 90 days in jail in 1969.

Now the FBI is trying to locate victims to figure out exactly what happened, and offer them services.

The case was initiated when one of Vahey’s colleagues in Nicaragua found a thumb drive with pornographic pictures of underage boys who appeared to be asleep or unconscious.

“Particularly male students believed to be between 12 and 14-years-old,” says Dunlap.

Dunlap says Vahey may have been drugging the students in his care to take advantage of them. He reportedly confessed when that colleague confronted him, and claimed that he was molested as a child as well.

It is sick stuff that no doubt has caused lifetimes of pain.


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