Houston fire inspectors claim they were told not to issue tickets at city buildings

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HOUSTON, TX – Some Houston city fire inspectors say they’re being prevented from doing their jobs properly at city buildings — by the city of Houston!

It might sound crazy that the city wouldn’t want its own buildings checked out.

But the inspectors say a supervisor told them not to issue any tickets for fire code violations at city buildings and not to charge re-inspection fees for buildings not in compliance.

“If you cannot use your tools of enforcement, you cannot get compliance,” civil rights lawyer Randall Kallinen said.

The inspectors say they’ve attempted to file a complaint with the Office of Inspector General, but apparently it didn’t go too well.

They allege one inspector was reassigned in retaliation for filing complaints.

The mayor’s office declined to comment, but Mayor Annise Parker herself addressed the controversy before city council.

“Since February of this year, there have been 277 inspections of city properties, 21 issues noted that require re-inspection,” she said, “So we do get inspected.”

Sounds like the mayor’s ready to put out these fiery allegations.



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