Houston Food Bank Cancels Shifts and several deliveries, due to Tropical Storm Nicholas


Houston Food Bank

HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) The Houston Food Bank is having to close it’s offices and volunteer shifts Tuesday, September 14, for both workers and volunteers, due to Tropical Storm Nicholas. Deliveries to partner sites have also been canceled as it is being advised for Houstonians to stay off the roads through out the afternoon, and they want to keep their drivers safe.

Houston Food Bank

Ride-out teams have been in place at the warehouses during the storm. They’re called ride-out teams because they literally ride-out the storm at the warehouse. They do this to make sure there is no flooding or damage and can also assist with emergency response.

Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank has been prepping disaster boxes and other supplies, and currently on-hand are:

  • Disaster Boxes Approximately 200 pallets
  • Water Approximately 200 pallets
  • MREs Approximately 300 pallets

Tropical Storm Nicholas had already canceled the evening shifts Monday night, as a precaution.

Houston Food Bank

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