HOUSTONTexas  (KIAH) – Bank of America is giving a unique donation to the Houston Food Bank. The bank says it will make a $100 donation for every local employee that gets a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot and notifies the bank before the end of January. Bank of America says it will donate up to $10 million nationally to food banks and hunger relief organizations for employees who get booster shots this month or who have already gotten the shot if they register that information with the bank.

The bank has encouraged staff to get vaccinated and boosted since summer 2021 and has offered incentives such as paid time-off and $500 credits towards health benefit premiums. This newest incentive is a unique spin on the $100 financial incentives that some cities and states have offered and comes as companies try to find ways to protect staff to ultimately return to work in offices.

“The pandemic exponentially increased food insecurity and the need for food assistance across the country, and we continue to respond at an elevated distribution rate,” says Brian Greene, president/CEO of Houston Food Bank, the largest food bank in the nation in terms of distribution. “We are a resource for individuals and families in times of hardship and crisis, which means we have been serving not just clients that we had pre-COVID but many who have never sought food assistance before. We could not have done what we`ve done these last couple of years without the support of donors and volunteers, and are so thankful to Bank of America for supporting Houston Food Bank and food banks around the country. We are always grateful to be the recipients of generosity that will help benefit the community.”

The impact of this donation is sizeable. For every $1 donated to the Houston Food Bank, they can provide three meals for our neighbors in need. This means that each “booster donation” made to Houston Food Bank will provide an amazing 300 meals to individuals and families throughout its 18-county coverage area in southeast Texas.

“The pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of daily life, including an increased strain on food security. This program is a dual investment in our community and employees, doing our part to support the health and wellness of our region. The Houston Food Bank has been a long-standing partner of ours and we are pleased to support its efforts to serve the 18 counties across Southeast Texas as part of this program, which is above and beyond the philanthropic support we already provide to help fight hunger and food insecurity across the country,” said Hong Ogle, president, Bank of America Houston.