Houston food trucks battle for best holiday meal

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HOUSTON, TX – Open your fridge this time of year, and there’s no escaping… UGH!! Thanksgiving leftovers!

Three Houston food trucks recently got together downtown to try to put an end to those. Coreanos, Phamily Bites and Soul Cat Cuisine had a contest to create holiday dishes so good that nothing was left over.

“Our dish tonight,” said Van Pham of Phamily Bites, “is called the Menage au Duck. We’re doing duck three ways.”

“All of the trucks around town have their own kind of specialty cuisine,” said Briana Averyt aboard the Coreanos Food Truck that blends Korean and Mexican styles, “and you’re seeing some really innovative food come out of the kitchens…. We did an Indo marinated turkey breast with a mole sauce.”

“People are loving it actually. People are really responsive to it. We’re about sold out of every plate that we’ve done,” said Soul Cat Cuisine’s Robert Stokes. “Today we’re doing ‘henducken’– a hen with duck rice, a dirty rice and we have a bourbon watermelon cranberry sauce along with my specialty collard greens and a cake-like cornbread.”

Sounds good, right? It tasted even better! “We’re battling it out and making it a little fun,” said Pham, “a little bragging rights.”

So who won the throwdown? Amanda Morris had a clear favorite: “Phamily Bites– they have the duck as well as the deep fried stuffing balls. I’m really excited about both of those.”

Another guy chose Soul Cat Cafe between bites of henducken: “It’s delicious! This is one of the greatest food truck meals I ever had.”

Mitchell Lim’s pick was Coreanos, but he said their turkey mole’ was nothing like mom used to make. “Mom would not put chocolate on it, but it tastes pretty good!” Lim said.

With votes spread pretty evenly, there was no clear winner… other than the customers.

“I love food trucks!” said Alex Dunn, while sampling a little of everything. “They have a rotating menu instead of one where you get specials where people cook the same stuff that’s going bad.”

Even better than that– no leftovers!


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