Houston hospital announces first ever all female quintuplets born in the US

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HOUSTON, TX - Baby storks have sure been busy in the Bayou City! Houston hosts the first all-female quintuplets born in the US, and the first set born since 1969 in the world. The proud parents spoke for the first time and the exhausted couple were given the star treatment at The Woman's Hospital of Texas.

Danielle and Adam Busby were all aglow announcing the April 8th births of Riley Paige, Parker Kate, Hazel Grace, and identical twins, Olivia Marie and Ava Lane. Having five girls all at once is a rare feat indeed, and the other difficult challenge the family faced was coming up with names for their bundles of joy. According to Mom, there was a lot of Google searches going on.

Now that the hard part is over, the "real" work is about to begin. Along with the help of their four- year-old daughter Blayke, the Busby's are relying on family members to lend a hand once all the babies come home in a few weeks. The quintuplets (who were born a few months premature) are all doing well, and will remain in the hospital until they are strong enough on their own. Dad, on the other hand, is already planning to worry about his baby girls, once they get older. Adam Busby says, "I got to stay lean and mean and look intimidating."

Dating is still a long way away Dad. It's dirty diapers and baby bottles that will soon be the biggest problem. Congrats and good luck, times five!

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