Houston hotel owner develops air filtration system designed to kill COVID-19


HOUSTON (CW39) – The owner of the InterContinental Houston- Medical Center hotel, Monzer Hourani, has developed an air protection system designed to eliminate 99.999% of airborne COVID-19.

Hourani has a background in physics, science and engineering wanted to develop the IVP Air Bio-Defense Indoor Air Protection System in order to help out during this pandemic and in hopes of getting businesses up and going again.

“The time for action is now, and helping our hometown reopen in record timing with this proven science that kills COVID-19 is so important to me as we use Houston-based research to help lead us out of this crisis and get us back to business,” said Hourani.

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Mr. Hourani worked with the University of Houston, the UTMB Galveston National Lab and the Texas A&M Engineering and Experiment Station to develop the machine. The results were backed up by scientists at MIT.

Earlier this month, IVP announced the deployment of the air filtration system at the InterContinental Hotel-Houston Medical Center, the Texas A&M Health Science Center and student housing, the George R. Brown Convention Center, True North Classical Academy in Miami, Florida, Slidell Independent School District in Slidell, Texas and Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation in Texas and Las Vegas.

The company is in the process of manufacturing smaller portable units in various sizes so that eventually, they will be able to be purchased for individual rooms. They are also working on permanent filters for HVAC systems that can stay in your central air unit and keep the air clean.

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