Houston kids get free meals during summer

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HOUSTON – As a kid, you long for the days when school’s out and you’re free to do whatever you want; free from the constraints of a classroom and nothing else to do but have fun. Well, for families who count on their kids having breakfast and lunch at school, the summer can be stressful and budgets are stretched even thinner. That’s where the No Kid Hungry campaign comes into play.

“For a lot of our children, they depend on that free or reduced price breakfast or lunch to feed them. In the summer that nutrition, those meals go away. so this program helps to fill that void. This is our chance to help kids get the nutrition that they need throughout the summer.”

“There’s a lot of schools that offer summer meals, however they usually only offer it during the time that summer school is in session and so you know, that might be the month of June and what do kids do in July and August?”

The No Kid Hungry campaign says that among low income families, only 40% were even aware of locations for free summer meals and only *17%* said there kids actually received those meals.

One in five kids in the United States is at risk of hunger and problems like stigma and mistrust are just a few barriers holding families back from taking advantage of these programs, but the fact is, this is great, kids love being outside and even more, they love being fed.

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