Houston-made All-Natual Ice Cream is All-Local, too

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HOUSTON, TX – All-natural sweets are hard to find, especially ones that really hit the spot, but don’t worry ice cream lovers, Honeychild’s Sweet Creams is here to save your sweet tooth.

“My ingredients [are] all-natural, which is something that you don’t see a lot in ice-cream now-a-days,” explains owner Kathleen Morgan, but Morgan isn’t just particular about what ingredients she uses, but where she gets them.

“I wanted my product to be a representation of the community in which I live. I wanted to support local farmers and producers,” said Morgan, which is why she does most of her grocery shopping at neighboring booths at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market. “I buy most of my ingredients here really, all of my fruit, all of my vegetables, my milk, everything is sourced locally. Everything I can get locally I do.”

Kathleen’s creations are turning into a sweet staple not only at local farmer’s markets, but also in freezers at The Heights General Store and Houston Panini and Provisions. So, grab a spoon and have Honeychild’s Sweet Creams help you through the hot Houston summer.



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