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Houston – “Is it too late to say sorry?” Justin Bieber famously asks in one of his hit songs.

Yep, it just might be too late for Bieber now that the pop star has been slapped with a $100,000 lawsuit for allegedly smashing a Houston man’s cellphone into pieces!

Yeah, Bieber might have a real smash on his hands, but this isn’t the kind of hit he wants.

“Justin Bieber is one of these celebrities who thinks he’s above the law and doesn’t have to respect anybody,” attorney Jason Friedman declared.

Attorneys for Robert Morgan filed suit against the Biebs over an incident they say happened when the Canadian singer was visiting Houston last month at an after-party at a midtown nightclub called the Cle club.

Apparently Bieber pulled out a beer bong, and “my client was standing right next to him and watched him do his chug on the beer bong,” Friedman reported. “And my client was recording him like many other people were.”

Well, instead of smiling and saying “Cheese!” the Biebs allegedly went berserk! “And, you know, grabbed his arm, took his phone, and snapped it,” Friedman said.

Sounds like Bieber was acting like a “baby, baby, baby,” as he explains in his very first hit.

“My client said to him, ‘Hey I’ll delete whatever you want on there,’ Friedman remarked. “And he ignored it and smashed it.”

Morgan’s attorney says the phone was packed with memories. “It’s priceless!” Friedman insisted. “He’s got a friend who just died on there, memories from that, his 100th birthday of his grandmother, things from work…you know, that type of behavior is just not acceptable to do that to somebody.”

But what if the Biebs decided to come clean?

“My client tried to reach out to Bieber and his camp numerous times,” Friedman claimed. “And he was rebuffed.”

Looks like it’s up to Bieber to make the next move now.

As he sings in his hit song, “Sorry:”

“Yeah, I know that I let you down…is it too late to say sorry now?”