Houston movie patrons react to the shooting in Lafayette

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HOUSTON, TX - The deadly shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a terrifying deja vu of what happened in Aurora, Colorado, in 2012,  reminding us that crazy situations like these can happen anytime, anywhere.   Houston moviegoers expressed their concerns:

"I think it's a tragedy and a sad thing that seems to be happening more often than it should," said Larry Hutchens.

"These kinds of things bother me a lot," added Li Jiang.

"I'm indeed very concerned about the possibility of an attack in Houston," feared Thai Jons.

So, what to do?  How can we prevent this madness?

"There probably needs to be a better regulation on gun control," demanded Anh Du. "Not just background checks, but probably more mental screenings and such."

"I think that we need to have round-table discussion on mental health in this country and I think we're kind of always attacking the thing… the gun," suggested Jons.

"The attack in Louisiana will not prevent me from going to a movie," Hutchens said confidently, "because I think it's a fairly isolated incident.  Although, it seems to be happening a lot more than it should."

"I feel a little bit hesitant to go to a movie theater at this time," admitted Du.

This shooting once again brings the debate over firearms, mental health and public safety into the spotlight.  But sadly, no debates or conversations will bring back the lives that were so senselessly destroyed.


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