The Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC) will launch their newest Non-fungible token (NFT) “The Spirit of the Confederacy” on Friday, August 5. The NFT becomes live via auction on Rarible and with an evening event at the museum.

The Spirit of the Confederacy” NFT is considered an act of defiance against a symbol of hatred. The HMAAC received national attention in 2020 when it became the first African American cultural asset to own a Confederate monument.

This special edition NFT follows previous editions designed by Paris based artist and designer Rodhir Daile in the HMAAC collection, that includes the Rosa Parks, Cotton Wreath Flag, Mosiah Garvey, Nipsey Hussle and Mohammid Ali NFTs.

“Historical narrative has always been driven by the few people with access to power holding ownership of the commemorative landscape. We feel this next step, allowing people of color to share through ownership of an NFT control over this commemorative symbol of hate, is an important one at this time of racial unrest and suppression,” said John Guess Jr., HMAAC CEO .

The special edition “The Spirit of the Confederacy” NFT will be offered a follows:

Option 1: Live Auction | Price At Listing: $55,000.00 (ETH/Ethereum)

● Only 1 version of option 1 will be released. The opening bid will begin at $55,000.00 (ETH).

● 20% royalty will be listed from this version.

Option 2: Investable for members, private collectors, and the public.

● This version will include the animated version of “Spirit of The Confederacy”.

● Collectors will receive the digital piece and unlockable stake share document of the physical statue.

● The listing price for Option 2 will be at $1,100, 000.00.

● 20 editions will be released of Option 2.