Houston orthodontist using new technology to save patients money

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HOUSTON – Unless you’re one of those ridiculously lucky people, there was probably a lot of money and time spent on making your pearly whites as straight as possible. Once the braces are off though, comes the retainer. That nifty piece of hardware that’s supposed to keep everything in place doesn’t come cheap, but a local orthodontist has a found a way to keep some more money in his patients pockets.

Dr. Ray McLendon at Clear Choice Orthodontics says using a 3-D printer is really changing the way his practice services their patients, “We’re able to use the technology to create retainers for patients at half the price that they would pay if we didn’t use it.”

The process of printing hard plastic retainers isn’t only cheaper, it’s also a much more pleasant process. A fancy light wand does all the work now instead of the traditional plaster that’s uncomfortable for most patients. Likely the best part about using a 3-D printer is the convenience of simply printing a new one if the original is lost. Now, if they could figure out a way to print us something that could skip over the braces part all together!



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