Houston Photowalks: practice makes perfect

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HOUSTON, Tx. — What better way to capture that perfect moment than with photography?

Well, there’s a local group, Houston Photowalks, that meets at least once a month to take pictures, brush up on techniques, and capture those special moments — all while having fun!

“What we`re about is getting together as a bunch of friends with our camera gear and having a good time.”

“We`re gonna take pictures of stuff as a group 60, 30, 50, a hundred people. you might think that`s kind of weird, but after you`ve done it the second or third time it`s going to be old hat and you`re not going to be able to libe without it.”

“The first one I went on was downtown Houston. I was a brand new photographer. I had just joined Houston Photowalks went out met all these people, very intimidating cause they were all more experienced photographers than I was, but they made it real cool. Everybody helped. Everyone kind of gave me ideas, helped me with the settings and were willing to answer questions. Made me feel very welcome.’

“I can say for everyone that I`ve been to it really just builds a close knit group of photographers whether they`re advanced, hobbyists or beginners, everyone seems to get along and have a great time.’

“I`ve been coming about six years and this is the…Houston Photowalks group is probably one of the premier groups in Houston. They`re one of the largest and absolutely one of the finest.”



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