Houston police crack down on convenience store robberies

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HOUSTON, TX – There have been a rash of smash-and-grabs at convenience stores around town, so it’s no surprise that the Houston Police Department’s annual march on crime is focused on convenience store safety, including a refresher on the city’s convenience store “ordinance.”

“We’re able to greatly reduce the crime in these areas by having them cooperate with us and be in compliance with the ordinance,” HPD Sergeant Michael Hill says.

The requirements include training for store employees, height strips at all store exits, panic buttons, and at least two color surveillance cameras.

“We want to educate the criminals that if you go into a convenience store in Houston, you have a great likelihood of being arrested and convicted,” Hill says.

HPD officers will be making the rounds to local stores, checking that managers are following the rules.

Store owners who pass their inspections with flying colors can earn awards of distinction; which is good until that next robbery. But hopefully that won’t happen for a while.



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