Houston police department gun lock presser

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While we wait around for lawmakers to do something… anything… about gun control, the Houston Police Department is taking come initiative.

U.S. Representative Gene Green said, “Those of us who have children and grandchildren, we should make sure that our firearms are secure.”

Of course, the cops can’t change any laws, but they can make owning a gun a little safer.

Officers handed out free gun locks, one per family and safety info.

Officer Susan Salazar said, “It’s just, it works like a regular lock that you would use on a gate or any kind of other lock. If a child comes into contact with a gun, they won’t be able to fire the gun.”

It’s all part of the department’s annual March on Crime effort. (Get it? Because it’s March.)

The point is if you’re going to have a gun, store it safely. God forbid it ended up in the wrong hands.



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