Houston Public Works launches “Protect Our Pipes” campaign


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HOUSTON (CW39) Houston Public Works launches the “Protect Our Pipes” campaign to help prevent sanitary sewer overflows. A sanitary sewer overflow is the backup of untreated wastewater that can contaminate our water, causing property damage and threatening public health.

Fats, oils and grease poured down the sink is the primary cause of these overflows. Other non-degradable materials flushed down the toilet are the second leading cause.

Since the start of the pandemic, Houston has experienced an increase in overflows caused by wipes, tissues and rags clogging wastewater pipes. Houston Public Works is launching the campaign just in time for the holiday season in order to protect our pipes from holiday cooking grease.

The “Protect Our Pipes” campaign asks the community to put fats, oils & grease in the trash. You can properly dispose of grease by pouring leftover oils into a container, cool it, and toss the container into the trash.

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