Houston pup eats 10 batteries, lives to tell the tale

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HOUSTON, TX – Dogs eat the darnedest things, but a Houston pup has an exceptionally unusual appetite.

“This is General Pierre Toutain Beauregard Barnard. Boogie for short,” Cathy Barnard said, introducing her 1-year-old Yorkipoo.

Boogie has been known to eat just about anything around the house.

“Pens, pencils, rollers, toilet tissue,” said Cathy. “The only thing he hasn’t eaten is coins and furniture. Everything else is game.”

For that reason, Cathy and her husband Jim always keep a close eye on Boogie. But the other night as they were getting ready for bed, Jim found the Yorkipoo surrounded by hearing aid batteries.

That’s why owners Jim and Cathy Barnard always keep an on Boogie.

“So he started counting batteries. Ten were missing,” recalled Cathy.

The couple rushed the pooch to North Houston Veterinary Specialists.

“We were so scared. We were horrified,” Cathy said.

The vets told the Barnards they couldn’t wait for Boogie to pass the batteries because if the positive and negative ends touched, they would arc inside his stomach or intestines.

“Surgery was the only answer,” said Cathy.

A few days later, Boogie is back to normal, which means the Barnards can only guess what he’ll eat next.




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