Houston ranked among the least hip cities

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s a shot in the hip for Houston. Travel and leisure magazine released its list of top cities for “hipsters” in the U.S. of 35 cities surveyed, Houston landed at number 26 on the list, nearly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

“We should be where we are in population in the U.S.,’ says Houston hipster Yeshua Lyon, ‘which is about three or four, if you ask me.”

“I think there’s a lot of places with hipsters around here,” Jennifer Prejean says.

The survey was compiled by voters who ranked cities based on things like independent coffee shops, record stores and vintage clothing shops. But Houston hipsters say this survey isn’t shooting from the hip.

“Here my creativity is shined upon instead of frowned upon,’ Lyon admits. ‘Everyone I meet has some type of creative ambition that’s not being stifled which makes me happy.”

Some say it’s the city’s contribution to the arts and culture that puts us so low on the list.

“I would say that we’re very conservative with our money and where it goes,” Prejean says.

Number one on the list? Seattle.

“Seattle, oh whoopty-do,’ Lyon says. ‘Okay it’s where Starbucks is from but there’s so much better coffee out there if you’re judging it on independent coffee shops and record stores.”

The only Texas city to make the top ten was Austin. No real surprise there. The good news is that we landed higher on the list than our friends up the freeway. Dead last at number thirty-five: Dallas – one part of the survey Lyons does agree with.

“I could rate Dallas thirty-five too. I’ve never had a pleasurable experience there ever. I usually try to just drive through it and not stop by.”

Don’t we all?



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