Houston ranked among top 20 hardest working cities

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HOUSTON, TX – If you’re working your fingers to the bone you could be the reason Houstonians rate as some of the hardest working people in the country. Now if you think we’re THE hardest working city think again- we’re not even close!

In a poll by Locality.com, the Bayou City ranked 18th in hardest working cities. New York, Vegas, Boston, Los Angeles and San Jose, California rounded out the Top 5.

The ranking is based on the average numbers of hours worked at service-related business in each town like dry cleaners and hair salons. While many people work a 40 hour week, the poll calculated that Houstonians labor a little more than 60 hours per week. That’s a lot but in “the city that never sleeps” New Yorkers grind out a little more than 65 hours of work weekly.

When it comes to this list, would you rather be number 1 or work less and play more?


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