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HOUSTON, TX –  The latest deadly terror attacks happened 5,000 miles away from Houston, but we`re feeling the effects… Especially international travelers at the big airport.

Expect even slower moving lines than usual. And you`ll notice security`s been boosted at Bush Intercontinental.

Despite extra time-consuming safety measures, most passengers like Frank Augusta are rolling with it.  “Don`t complain. Just comply.”

Mudit Vaid just few in from New Delhi. “I think it might be more uncomfortable, for people. But it is always better to be secure.”

Rick Cabrera, is on his way to California. “I think we’re better prepared than the people are in Europe.”

Basketball Hall of Fame member and former Houston Rocket, Dikembe Mutombo was in the Brussels airport during the explosions. In a phone interview with CNN, Mutombo recounted the horror.

“People start screaming. Everyone start running. A lot of people were bleeding downstairs. A lot of people are hurt. It was very crazy.”

For his fans, he quickly posted on Facebook he`s fine and appreciates all the concern for his safety.

A local aircraft broker returned from working in the Brussels airport just days before. Janine Iannarelli with Par Avion, Ltd. says security was already tighter than usual.

When it comes to beefing up security, Houston is not flying solo. The Big Apple is doing the same by adding New York National Guard members to Laguardia and JFK airports, plus tighter security at the Newark airport, too.

Back in Texas, police are heavily armed at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, which is the home base for American Airlines. Some officers are even carrying semi-automatic rifles.

As we know, terrorist targets are hard to predict. But the continued threat seems to be a guarantee.