Houston restaurant compares beer to domestic violence

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HOUSTON, TX – Boy, the Roots Bistro on Westheimer is probably glad to be closed on Mondays after the beating they took this weekend. If you haven’t heard already, listen to this: somebody at the organic eatery thought it would be funny to change the marquee outside the restaurant to read: Beer should be like violence – domestic.

Oh yeah, a regular knee-slapper.

According to managers at the joint, the sign was only up for ten minutes, but that’s all it took for the message to go viral. In no time at all, the bistro’s Facebook page was alight with angry passers-by letting the restaurant know how they felt.

“I understand that it’s a joke, but I don’t know if it’s that funny, really,” Mark Roach says.

Some folks thought it was.

“It’s just funny,’ Sarah Weese says, ‘I don’t know, it’s just funny; it’s humor.”

Managers apologized on the restaurant’s Facebook page and changed the sign to another message entirely. Too early to tell whether the damage will have an effect on sales. What we do know is, domestic violence is never funny.

“It’s just a really serious topic,’ Jordan Daniel says, ‘and if you’re ever affected by it, you would really take offense to something such as this.”

Good bet managers here will stick to menu specials for all their future marquees.


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