Houston restaurants feature locally grown fare to help farmers

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FOODHOUSTON, TX – Tomato, to-mah-to, potato, po-tah-to? Hey, this is Texas, mater and tater work just fine for us. And frankly, there are few better places to get your maters and taters than right here in the lone-star state.

“We try to buy as much locally as possible,’ says Carmelo Mauro of Carmelo’s. ‘The beef that comes from Corpus Christi, the beans and the tomatoes and peppers.”

This week is the annual go-Texan restaurant roundup, where restaurants across the state feature items on their menus produced, packaged and purchased right here in Texas. It’s an opportunity for locals to help locals.

“Helps the ranchers, the farmers, the wine maker, the beer maker,’ Mauro says, ‘because we all partner for the benefit for the local economy.”

Carmelo Mauro has been buying local produce for his restaurant since 1981. And there’s a benefit for you in buying local meats and produce as well. Mostly freshness.

“Look for the label that is locally grown, encourage local buying.”

So if you’re planning on hitting the town this week and want to lend a hand to local farmers while you’re at it, check out GoTexanRestaurantRoundup.com for a list of eateries around town featuring a fare of Texan grown grub. After all, it wouldn’t be very Texan of you not to.


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