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HOUSTON — First came the iconic look for Houston Rocket, James Harden, a.k.a. The Beard. Now comes his personal logo.

Self-styled logos are trending among pro athletes. Some even have hidden meanings. Like Houston Texan JJ Watt’s.

Sure it looks like two back-to-back J’s. But upside down, it looks like his number, 99.  Most give it a thumbs-up for being clever.

As for the bearded wonder’s, fans just aren’t sure. For one thing, you almost need to grab hold of something to steady yourself while you watch Harden’s logo video. Watching it can cause dizziness. In black and white it’s kind of an optical illusion. The letter ‘H’ is supposed to be in there somewhere. Some just think it looks like a Pac Man grid.

In the battle of the brands, Watt crushes Harden’s and scores big.

The real question is does Harden really need one?  He seems to have his own unique brand growing from his face.