Houston: Second fastest growing big city in the U.S.

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HOUSTONHOUSTON, TX – The Bayou City’s booming. The US census bureau says Houston is the second fastest growing big city in the US. Taking the top spot? No surprise, there. It’s the Big Apple.

Last year, 34,500 people hoofed it over to Houston permanently, bringing our total population to 2.2 million. New York? It brought in nearly twice the amount of transplants.

We might be in New York’s dust, but check this out: the Lone Star State claimed half of the top ten fastest-growing cities list. San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth aren’t far behind us.

Besides big cities, Conroe is listed as one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the country.

Nearby, San Marcos ranks number one for the fastest growing city with at least 50,000 residents, rising nearly 5 percent in population.

Now for the big question: what is America’s largest city? Well, not much has changed there: New York is still number one, followed by Los Angeles, and Chicago. Houston? We’re still fourth, but Austin bumped up two spots from 13th to the 11th largest city in America. Maybe it’s because of the great hipster migration?



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