Houston unveils countdown clock to Super Bowl 51

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HOUSTON, TX – The city of Houston has heard plenty of countdowns in the past. This time around the countdown isn’t for a space shuttle blast off, but for the super bowl. The countdown clock proudly unveiled at NRG Stadium on Thursday announces 360 days until Super Bowl 51 is played in Houston.

This would be number three for the city. Houston’s first Super Bowl was played in 1974 at Rice Stadium and the second in 2004 at then Reliant Stadium. While fans caught an eyeful 12 years ago, courtesy of Janet Jackson and her wardrobe malfunction, for next years Super Bowl, Houston really wants to give viewers and visitors something to look at. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner says, “My emphasis is making sure we spruce up the entire city of Houston. We’ll have a new Marriott Marquise Hotel and then the street between the Marriott and the George R Brown, that’s kinda being redone. There will be a lot of restaurants and clubs in the area for people to hang out.”

The city knows the big game will bring in big crowds, and a windfall for businesses around NRG park. No doubt, big changes are coming to Houston. Improvements officials hope will continue to benefit the city long after the clock runs down. Mayor Turners adds, “I would like to think communities all over the city are going to be improved, are going to be enhanced, so that even after the Super Bowl has come and is gone, that the legacy from the Super Bowl will be a much prettier, healthier, vibrant city.” Guess will have to want 360 days to find out.



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