Houston Weather – Arctic Air staying north for now


Arctic Air staying north

HOUSTON (CW39) Hopefully things are just a little cooler all across the state of Texas this week. We sure deserve some nice weather and we’re getting that today. It is a little cooler in parts of Texas as Arctic Air stays north. Right now for example, Midland near Odessa is at 30 degrees right now. So yes, there’s a light freeze going on there.

Nationwide at the moment, there’s no extremely cold temperatures. At the coldest we’ve got some spots in the 20’s. So that Arctic Air is up in Canada for today. Throughout this upcoming week, that Arctic Air is going to stay up in Canada for the next several days all the way into the upcoming Sunday.

There are no wild swings in the jet stream bringing that cold air down our way like we saw last week. The Arctic Air stays away and we’ve got some mild temperatures throughout this week. We do have some fluctuations but we’re bouncing around between 60’s and 70’s basically for afternoon highs.

We have a front that has come through early this morning just a couple of showers passed on by. Behind it, we’ve got some drier air and lower humidity today with sunshine and things are looking just fine as far as our weather goes. 50’s right now.

We’ll work our way into 60’s in a couple of hours from now and later today up around 70 or maybe some low 70’s, this afternoon. We have dry air in place today.

Looking at the humidity going forward. You can see dry air again tomorrow and then notice this green color kind of moving in on Wednesday that means the humidity gets a little bit higher and that’s will start to see a little more cloud cover around maybe a few spotty showers in our area on Wednesday.

Today and tomorrow, we have clear skies, so ENJOY! 71 for today with that lower humidity is going to be feeling great. I just had someone on twitter talking about how the outside temperature matching the inside temperature is a good thing this week, unlike last week. 42 as we’re going down to tomorrow morning and then 73 basically room temperature as we get into tomorrow afternoon.


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