Houston Weather – Ice, sleet, freezing rain, snow possible President’s Day forecast


HOUSTON (CW39) We have 40’s for highs the next couple of days. At night, those gradually start going down and end up close to freezing by Sunday morning.

Heading into later this evening, maybe one last round of rain coming through around dinner time and then as we go for through Friday, Saturday, not much rain but still a few light showers possible. What’s key here though is that temperatures will be warm enough. Yes, it’s going to be cold but temps will be warm enough through these next few days where if we see any rain it’s just going to stay rain.

The coldest comes starting late Sunday through Tuesday of next week.

The big change comes on Monday when it’s actually starting to look more likely that we’ll see some frozen precipitation around here.

Usually if we see a freeze, it’s around 32. That’s what happens Monday morning. We’re looking at teen temperatures Monday night.

Some spots could stay below freezing Sunday night through Tuesday morning. Keep that in mind.
Monday is President’s Day so hopefully, a lot of folks won’t have to be out on the roadways.

That long duration of freeze is what’s the biggest problem when it comes to possible frozen pipes.
Expect a wintry mix of freezing rain, ice, sleet and possible snow.

Then we should get back above the freezing mark by mid-day Tuesday, but not by much.


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