Houston Weather | Nice and dry with highs in the 80s October 5, 2021


HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) — We’ve got some pleasant conditions out there Tuesday morning. Today will be a lot like yesterday. And all week long, it’s going to be very similar to what we’ve been seeing lately.

In the southeastern U.S., we’ve got some pretty heavy rain from the Florida Panhandle up into parts of Alabama and Georgia. There’s some flooding — at least possible flooding — ongoing with a flash flood watch in that particular area. Behind the front that came through here, we have dry air due to lack of moisture in the atmosphere. It’s all spinning around a low, and that low is not going to move a whole lot in the next few days, which is why rain will continue to be an issue around the southeastern U.S.

Going through the next couple of days, again the low somewhat veers off to the north a little bit. We’re still going to stay on the backside of the dry side of this low. That will keep our humidity fairly low for the next few days around here. Lots of sunshine for us and pleasant temperatures here locally.

Temperatures today for highs are going up into the 80s. In fact, temperatures will be in the upper 80s so not too far from 90° kind of like yesterday. At least it’s a dry warm, so it won’t feel any hotter.

On a positive note, as we look into tonight and into tomorrow morning, low temperatures are a lot like this morning. Very nice in the mid and a few low 60s around our area, so it’s one of these repeating patterns throughout the week where it’s going to cool off pretty nicely at night.

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