Houston Weather – Rain later this week


HOUSTON (CW39) Good Thursday morning to you! Meteorologist Adam Krueger here. It’s a new weather pattern and things are looking much better for us all throughout this week. We do still have some changes coming our way.

Rain is in the forecast for the second half of the week. Yes, we’re back to talking about some rain and I feel like I need to tell you, it’s not ice, not snow, not sleet. Just play old rain coming our way a little later on this week. A big picture on satellite radar is a weak front. That’s why we have a north wind around 10 or so right now. That’s just bringing in some drier air and clearing up the clouds we had in here yesterday. So it’s just a lot of sunshine and lower humidity for today. Right now temperatures farther north of Houston are a little on the cool side, as we’re seeing some 40’s there. It’s 53 in Houston and some mid and even upper 50’s, as you head farther south.

So let’s run through some numbers now on the map today, we’re looking at temperatures on average right around 70 degrees for the high. A look at tomorrow morning shows it’s going to be cooler but low 40’s, near 40 degrees. A look at the temperatures tomorrow – looking pretty nice as well with highs in the lower part of the 70’s. So it is a far cry in many regards from what we were dealing with last week.



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