Houston Weather – Sunny Monday, cool overnight


HOUSTON (CW39) Good Monday morning to you! Meteorologist Adam Krueger here. It’s a new week. It’s a new weather pattern and things are looking much better for us all throughout this week. We do still have some changes coming our way.

First of all, let’s point out that this we’ve got a lot of sunshine in the forecast.

Today is going to be a really nice one. Temperatures this morning in the 50’s and we’re heading up to around 70 this afternoon and the humidity is actually going to get knocked down a little bit today with a weak front passing through right about now.

So it’s good news from here as we start this new work week today we’re talking about sunny and nice conditions. Same goes for tomorrow as well but in between today and tomorrow we’ve got a cool night and I feel like I need to say this now every time we have a cool night.

I’m not talking about freezing temperatures just cool maybe down around 40 in many spots by the morning.


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