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HOUSTON (CW39) Meteorologist Adam Krueger here with a look at your weekend forecast. For now we have lots of sunshine for us, no problems get out there and enjoy it today. Then, we’ve got some really nice weather ahead for Saturday and Sunday and today.

However, you’ll notice I didn’t mention Friday. That’s because Friday is going to be a little bit different. So first, we’ve seen some great images from this morning. Especially as that sun was coming up, we have some vivid colors with a lot of blue sky today and a couple of little thin clouds drifting by so enjoy that sun and warmer temperatures today.

A look at the current numbers show we’ve got a mix of mostly 50’s and couple 40’s hanging around in a few spots. Right now forecast for today is 73, mostly sunny, quiet weather today.

Friday, we’ve got some scattered rain to do with with the disturbance coming through. That’s in and out of here.

Then we get into our weekend. It will be dry on Saturday and Sunday. There’s a little front coming through so temps will be a little cooler but not by much, but a little cooler over the weekend mid 60’s around Galveston in the upper 60’s to around 70 in the Houston area. Things are looking pretty good – pretty quiet. The winds will be kind of breezy though Saturday, especially closer to the coast as winds probably top out around 20 miles per hour.