Houston Weather – Temperatures in freezing range


HOUSTON (CW39) Temperatures right now are cold but we’re not down to that freezing range. Right now in Houston, it’s about 35 degrees, so if you’re concerned about bridges, overpasses or those types of things, It’s not cold enough to where we’re going to see ice on the Houston roads. Even farther north, Conroe, Brenham, College Station, Huntsville, most of those locations just a little bit above freezing this morning. But when you factor in the wind it is really cold out there. We’ve got a wind chill of 27. That’s what it feels like in Houston right now.

That wind is a little bit over 10 miles per hour. Temperatures today will be in the 40’s. That’s as warm as we’re going to get this afternoon. We’re going to stay pretty cloudy throughout the day. A look at the low temperatures by about this time tomorrow morning, it’s probably going to be right around freezing in Houston. Then outside the city and especially north, temperatures tomorrow morning in some spots will be in the 20’s.

Again, though of course we’ve got a lot of snow coverage, here this morning. We’ve got snow totals that are really piling up north of Houston. This morning, we’re going to show you some of those amounts. We’re also going to give you some live views a little farther north of Houston coming up just a bit later on this morning.

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