Houston weather: thanks for visiting, fall


Turning warmer and more humid

HOUSTON (KIAH) – The coolest temps of the week are behind us now as our fall feel is quickly dwindling. Not only is it feeling a little different today, it’s also looking different with partly to mostly cloudy skies. At times it may look like it could rain, but it won’t.


Yesterday we talked about how we’re past the average date of the last 90 of the year (Oct 12th). Thankfully, no 90s are expected in the next week, however, it could get close. Temps will warm into the mid to upper 80s during the second half of this week and this weekend.

Our next rain chance is a very low 10% on Wednesday morning with a few potential sprinkles or light showers. By Wednesday afternoon, as seen below, a few showers may exist east of Houston, with a much higher likelihood of rain in Louisiana.


With that rain in Louisiana, there could be up to one to two inches around New Orleans.


Again, other than a few very isolated showers, we don’t expect much rain at all for the rest of this work week. By the weekend, rain chances go up a bit, but it doesn’t appear to be anything widespread or overly impactful.


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