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HOUSTON (CW39) New data from NOAA shows the specifics of what we’ve seen happening for many years: warming is the new normal.

First, some background information on what we consider “normal”. NOAA and the National Weather Service use a rolling 30-year period to calculate normal temperatures and precipitation. Every 10 years, that data is recalculated for the most recent 30 years. Just this month, NOAA has shifted from the 1981-2010 data to the 1991-2020 data.

Locally, the difference in normal temperatures shows that warmer temperatures are quite apparent, marked on the charts below with red colors.

The data at IAH airport shows that the normal high temperatures for all months have gone up. Changes aren’t as uniform with rain. You’ll notice a large rise in normal rain for August, in part due to the very heavy rain from Harvey.

The data at HOU airport shows normal temperatures for all categories, and all months, are up.

The data for Galveston also shows warmer normal temperatures for every month, but also less rain for most months.

Finally, much of the U.S. is experiencing the same temperature trend with warmer temperatures.