Houston Weather – Where’s the snow?


HOUSTON (CW39) Meteorologist Adam Krueger here! It was just this past weekend when we had the great Texas snow of 2021 moving across the state. About an hour and a half north of Houston was one of the snow bull’s eyes. About 6 inches there… and we’ve been joking throughout the week that we saw more snow in parts of Texas just on Sunday, than parts of the Midwest have seen all winter long.

We’re giving you the stat about Chicago for example only having about 5 inches so far this winter and so w thought it would be fun to check in on one of our sister stations up there in Midwest about this weird winter.

Adam spoke with Greg Shoup from our sister station in Fort Wayne Indiana near Chicago where they’ve seen very little snow so far.

We still get an average of about 32 inches a year. Right now I got a couple of graphics here right now been up to about 3.7 inches of snow. At this point, to this date, we’ve seen, about half of our snow so far should have fallen so, but we should be about 15 inches and we’ve 10.9 inches last year to this date so you can see how far down we are. We had our big snows in November and December. One inch in November. Two inches just over 2 inches in December. So far, we’re halfway through the month of January and we’ve got a half an inch of snow. This has been a really meager year.

Greg Shoup, from CW39 sister station in Fort Wayne, Indiana



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